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We support the residents of Florida by providing reliable and comprehensive information pertaining to flood risk. We also help residents find out if their home is wrongly mapped in the FEMA flood maps. Oftentimes, FEMA data is outdated. Your flood risk may be higher or lower than officially stated. Our promise is to strive to provide the most accurate analysis
and user friendly reporting throughout Florida. If you are incorrectly mapped as being in the high risk flood zone, we will provide FEMA with the necessary documents, on your behalf, to change the flood zone designation through the process referred to as the “Letter of Map Amendment”. If you don’t qualify for a LOMA, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best flood insurance rates available based on your data.

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A Tampa Bay area based company providing engineering and insurance consulting solutions for flood zone properties across the state of Florida.


To give the people of Florida the power to make informed decisions by organizing Florida’s latest flood data and making it readily available to all its home buyers.


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