About Us

No Flood Florida was founded by Ahmed Hamed and Taylor Lankford, two Water Resources Engineers with one mission:
“To give the people of Florida the power to make informed decisions by organizing Florida’s latest flood data and making it readily available to all its home buyers.”

Our Promise to You!

No Flood Florida aims to provide its clients with the most accurate, up-to-date floodplain information. Data processing and final summarized information is confirmed through a thorough quality control process. We support the residents of Florida by providing reliable and comprehensive information pertaining to flood risk. Residents should be fully informed of all the related risks prior to purchasing a home. Our promise is to strive to provide the most accurate, user friendly mapping and analysis of flood risk throughout Florida. During this development phase we are eager to build strong relationships with all our potential partners.

Meet The Team

More About the Founders:

Ahmed and Taylor have worked in the flood protection and floodplain mapping sector and are fully aware of the importance of providing people with comprehensive information that will allow them to make informed decisions and potentially protect themselves, their families, and property.
Ahmed first realized the devastation floods can cause when he was 15 in the aftermath of Katrina in 2005. Entire communities built alongside a levee system that failed left thousands of families devastated and cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars in damages. Ahmed was stricken the most by images of residents of those communities stranded on the tops of their roofs with entire neighborhoods completely under water. This led him to seek a career in water resources. Ahmed attended the University of Central Florida in 2009 where he received his Bachelors and Masters in Water Resources Engineering. In 2016 he became a Certified Floodplain Manager.
Taylor grew up on the east coast of Florida where concerns with environmental water quality issues influenced his future career as a water resources engineer. In 2014, Taylor graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Shortly after, Taylor began working in the water resources field where he focused on flood protection related projects including watershed management plans, operation of flood control structures, and floodplain mapping efforts. Through public outreach efforts, Taylor became more aware of the impact flooding events had on the citizens of Florida. Many residents seemed unaware of the potential risks associated with flooding in their communities. One of Taylor’s original goals for No Flood Florida was to ensure the dissemination of accurate, reliable information related to flood risk mapping. Taylor is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resources at the University of South Florida.
Chris Needham is a business leader and entrepreneur, having created, managed and built award winning companies from start-up though to corporate sale. His expertise is transforming companies through technical innovation and change management. Chris’ experience in Sales and Marketing and as a CEO - coupled with his I.T. background - gives him a unique skill set, which can be applied to any business. He has: Built small company of six to 150 professionals by transforming business through introduction of new technology then sold organization for $15m and in process delivering substantial value for shareholders; Created and developed multi-award winning software used worldwide by industry giants, such as EDS, HP, BBC, UK Government, and British Telecom; Delivered new consumer app to market starting from idea that attracted host of investors.


A technology startup from the Tampa Bay area founded by two water resource engineers.


To give the people of Florida the power to make informed decisions by organizing Florida’s latest flood data and making it readily available to all its home buyers.


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